Trudeau's Blitzkrieg

All you got to do is blow a hole in Canada the size of Alberta.
I can do that and blame it on Climate Change. I am a Feminist!  Climate Barbie Said So!
Then you will be welcomed into the 4th Reich too!


No No No Mr. Trudeau

Trudeau's Blitzkrieg - Where: Nationalist Communist = Globalist Communist = No Borders


Remember Our Veterans Who Fought and Died to Defend Against Canada's Enemies to Preserve Our Nation!


The Fight is not over Canadians. Canada 2020 has a New Insidious and Subversive Threat To Our Nation.


Federal Election in 2020 is Mandatory. Demand It!


Canada Will Have A Strong Loyal National Leader. This Leader Will Emerge!


Trudeau's Blitzkrieg is a method of Subversive Warfare which transforms into POLITICAL LIGHTNING ATTACK in Canada, whereby an attacking political force, spearheaded by a dense concentration of Censorship of Free Speech, Election Manipulation and Bribery of the Fake Media, Mass Immigration, Population Replacement and Climate Hoax Fraud formations with close Carbon Tax Fraud, breaks through the Canadian's line of Economic Defense by short, fast, powerful political attacks and then dislocates Canadians the defenders of Canada, using speed and surprise to encircle them with the help of the UN, EU, Soros, Totalitarian-Globalist-Communist Corruption Movements.


The Strategic Objective: To Crush the Canadian Economy and Decimate Canadian Industry for Decades to Come, Humiliate and Force Canadians into Poverty and Fear, Chaos and Domestic Conflict. 🇨🇦🌺🇨🇦🌺🇺🇸


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Trudeau's Doomed Blitzkrieg Political Plan


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