The Trudeau Legacy

The Trudeau Legacy
2024 to 2124?


No No No Mr. Trudeau

An Engineer's Pragmatic Perspective:


On one of my posts someone posed a question. The individual was clearly not a supporter of the Mass Energy  Generation Solution(s) of Nuclear, Hydro Electric and Fossil Fuel:


"Why would someone like you, be so invested in supporting a machine that continues to destroy our planet? "



I will try to crystallize my perspective with simple language, the reasoning is not complex, once the truth is known.

Actually, it is the opposite. The solution will be a path forward that will not lead us into the depths of hell, societal decline, poverty, famine, civil war and a century of misery and destruction.


To eliminate Fossil Fuel Energy Generation, it will take centuries, not decades.


Today, along with Nuclear and Hydro Electric, it is the only viable option to sustain the human populations presently on this planet.


Our populations have grown large enough that without it, all will collapse.


I wish Wind and Solar generation were practical. Presently, they are not.


Here is a link


The solution to a complex problem will be complex with many moving parts. It is just an overview, much more is required.

It will take time. With many focused dedicated groups working together.


The nice thing about pipelines, like your home faucet, they can be turned off or on and modulated up or down.


I wish there was a simple solution!

We will have to work our way forward. There is real air, water and land pollution that must be addressed today. We have the technologies to solve this now. It is critical.


The Fake Green Movement, the UN Agendas are subversive and will create havoc.


We have to transition without descending into the third circle of hell. If not further.

In Canada, Trudeau appears to be the ferry man to our suffering and potential destruction.


If Fusion technology becomes viable in 50 to 60 years the conventional nuclear plants will be the last generation of Fission, hopefully. We need to build the Fission Nuclear Network now in Canada.


It is hard to fully explain fully in this medium.


Try to image forward 200 to 300 years. A Realized Green Solution. It is analogous to the historical planning and construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Those who conceive it, will not live to see the project completed.


Yet, it will be accomplished.




The Trudeau Legacy


2024 to 2124


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