The Trudeau Dark Age II

The Trudeau Dark Age II
1968 to 2023?


No No No Mr. Trudeau

The Climate Change Crisis Hoax - The Truth


Increased CO2 follows increased global temperature increases. Not the other way around.


Increased temperatures increases the oceans temperature and in turn the oceans release more CO2 into the atmosphere. The oceans are a very major force on climate, as well as other forces.


The climate is changing and linearly heating up over a long period of time. We are in the ladder part of a declining ice age.


Thus, it will warm up.


CO2 has been declining for a very very long time. Now, they worry about it being 380 to 400 ppm.


In the historical past it has been as high as 4000 ppm and even 7000 ppm when the explosion of life occurred on Earth.


The Earth did not burn up and our ancestors survived! If CO2 drops below a certain value plant life will stop growing.


CO2 has been declining historically.


The increase in CO2 is a good thing. It increased plant growth all over the world and food harvests.


There are many effects and factors on the the climate and some are more significant.


There is no scientific correlation between man made CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming.


The Crisis is a Hoax to scam tax dollars and facilitate wealth transfer to the elites and globalists.


That is it!


They rely on short periods of time, faulty recent data and computer modelling that cannot be used for conclusions because garbage in garbage out, plus corruption in academia.


Empirical data and other scientific data produce valid conclusions.


The politicians are either ignorant to the facts, being PC, or are corrupt. It is all sad.


Wind and Solar are NOT presently in the energy solution except as a vehicle to steal tax money via subsidies. Without subsidies these projects would have no profit margin and vanish. Pure Scam and Corruption.


The Solution is Hydro Electric, Nuclear and Fossil Fuel for Mass Energy Generation. It is more complicated but enough for now on this point.


The danger is that they are shutting down, demolishing and not replacing our critical energy generation systems and plants. Once gone, it will take decades to rebuild and bring online again.


This is the real crisis!!!


It will plunge us into a present Dark Age. (The Trudeau Dark Age II) Why? Because of the communist subversive propaganda programs since at least the 1960's and a lack of courage and perhaps knowledge by our leaders.


They just will not listen. The present Federal Government is drunk on power and ideology.


There is a clear, present and imminent threat to Canada, Canadians and Our National Security!


The Solutions are simple and well known for sometime.


We as Canadians need to implement them. Build the Economy, the Nation, general public knowledge, the rest will follow: increased wealth, GNP, middle class growth, lower energy costs and much more.


Enlightened Self Interest and Awareness. Our Leaders need some help!


If they don't get it; or create it, Canada will vanish into the histories as a footnote, just as many great Nations and Civilizations have in the past.


They lost the strength and will to be!

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The Trudeau Dark Age II CANADA
1968 to 2023


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