The  Plaid Army

The Canadian Contingent

The Canadians Arrive.


Come all You Bold Canadians

Hommage à Le Royal 22e Régiment -The Van Doos

165th Battalion (Acadiens), CEF

Hold The Line!

It is time to Step up and Put Our Provincial Differences Aside.

From Ontario to the Atlantic, Through The Prairies and Over the Rockies to the Pacific, Canadians Will Once Again Stand Together to Defend Our Nation from the Subversive Globalist - Communist Cabal Threatening Our Nation and National Security!


2020 Federal Election! Demand It!

Vote for a Strong Confident Canadian National Government.

Lest we forget the Sacrifices of our Fathers and Grandfathers. Remember Our Rich History, Canadian Culture(s) and Our Great Canadian Civilization.

The  Plaid Army

A group of individuals living in Canada who share the same values and outlook towards Canada and the dislike of the current path our country is taking into the future.


A group that discusses ALL topics and shares ideas that can better our country.


A group that has open arms to anyone who wants to join.


A place to get real news that the mainstream media will not publish.

The PLAID ARMY is a network of individuals banding together to INFORM, TEACH, and BEFRIEND like minded people with the ultimate goal of Waking Up Canadians.

It’s time to stand up for what YOU believe in. You are not alone in your thinking and you DO NOT have to be scared to speak you mind.

The Plaid Army Canada


The Underwater World Project

BTI Dive Team

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