The China Wuhan Horseshoe Bat Corona Virus Review 2020


Move Forward with Confidence, Security and Safety in 2020

Based On Science


The BTI Think Tank Performed A Review Of The China Wuhan Corona Virus.

The Focus, To Use Analytical - Logical - Critical Thinking To Answer The Following Question(s) Based On Available Information.


The Question(s):

I) Was The Corona Virus Bio Engineered?


II) Was The Virus Source The Level 4 Lab In Wuhan, China?



I) The China Wuhan Corona Virus With A High Degree Of Probability; The Probability Increasing, The Virus Is The Product Result Of Bio-Engineering.


II) The China Wuhan Corona Virus With A Lower Degree Of Probability; More Information Required, The Virus Was Sourced From The Level 4 Lab In Wuhan, China.


Derived From These Conclusions And The Methodology A Resultant Question.



III) No Level 4 Lab; Purposed To Develop This Virus For Vaccine or Black Op Research, Will Do So Without A Vaccine or Vaccine Research Data Produced And Archived, Where Is The Vaccine Or The Vaccine Research Data?


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The Corona Virus Review


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