Solar Power Energy Generation:

The Engineering Review  2019


Choose the Viable Energy Generation Solutions in 2020

Conclusions and Recommendations


The Engineering Review of Mass Solar Power Energy Generation is Concluded.


The engineering review of information is completed.


The conclusions and recommendations are concise.


1.) The present viable mass energy generation solutions are Nuclear, Hydro-Electric and Fossil Fuel;

2.) Solar Power Energy Generation is a limited alternative intermittent expensive supplementary energy generation option;

3.) Mass Solar Power Energy Generation produces large scale negative environmental and ecological impacts;

4.) Solar Power Energy Generation utilizes highly toxic chemicals Cadmium, Chromium, lead, etc. The end of life cycle creates a large waste storage and disposal problem;

5.) CO2 emitted in the making of components of Solar Energy Generation exceeds the total amount of CO2 saved during the entire life cycle of Solar Energy Generation;

6.) Solar Power Energy current potentials include specialized applications in Space, remote and emergency circumstances and small scale domestic use;

7.) Solar Power Energy Generation government subsidies promote fraudulent corrupt third party ventures.


1.) Canada will immediately terminate Mass Solar Power Energy Generation Subsidies including those subsidies supporting present operational Mass Solar Power Energy Generation facilities and installations;

2.) Research with respect to Solar Power Energy will continue.


Pertinent Related Conclusions -

1.) The Climate Change Crisis is a Manufactured Hoax;

2.) The Canadian Carbon Tax is a Fraud.

Pertinent Related Recommendations -

1.) Canada will withdraw from the Paris Agreement;

2.) Canada will withdraw from the UN;

4.) Canada will cease and desist with respect to the Carbon Tax.

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