2018 Dive Season in Review - Segment 6

June 17, 2018

BTI Dive Team - ASN Waome Wreck Dive, Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada


Lake Muskoka is located between Port Carling and Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. The lake is mainly fed by the Muskoka River, Lake Joseph and Lake Rosseau.


The lake is  located on the Canadian Shield and is marked with outcrops of igneous rock and evergreen trees. 

First mention of Muskoka in any records is in 1615 and the territory was occupied by indigenous peoples, mainly consisting of the Algonquin and Huron tribes.


Early explorers to the region like Samuel De Champlain came to the area next followed by Missionaries. The name Muskoka comes from the name of a Ojibwe or Chippewa tribe chief named Musquakie which means "not easily turned back in the day of battle". Also known as Chief Yellowhead.


On June 16, 2018, we participated in a SCUBA Dive Charter provided by Adventure sports NewMarket Inc. (ASN). https://www.adventuresports.ca/

 Our mission on this day was to explore the Waome Wreck which is located in Lake Muskoka, a few hundred yards southwest of the north end of Keewaydin Island (one of the Seven Sisters Islands) and is accessible only by boat.


Coordinates: Approximately N 45 04.09'  W 79 31.55' 


The Waome sank October 6, 1934,  a wooden steamer, steel framed, being 78' long at the keel, 14' across her beam and displacing 60 tons. The Waome sits upright in Black Water (very low visibility).



 Today's BTI Dive Team Mission Objectives:

- On going team training in cold water wreck diving.

- On going team training in low visibility diving environments.

- Courtney (team member) to complete final requirements for Certification as a PADI Master Diver.


Today was a early 4:30 AM start for our team members. Matthew (team member) testing the waters. Time to suit up and brave the brisk waters.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let us descend into the Lake!

Mission Accomplished:

Two (2) successful dives on the Waome were completed. Special congratulations to BTI Team member Courtney on completing all the requirements to be Certified as a PADI Master Diver!


Time to enjoy the scenery of Lake Muskoka on our return voyage.

Special mention, the dive boat operated by ASN. It provides a unique SCUBA diving experience given its size, power, versatility and speed. This is our second charter trip with ASN and we recommended this experience to all divers. https://www.adventuresports.ca/


 Back at the dock. Another good day.











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