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The Canadian North West Passage Shipping Toll Network - The Real Canadian Energy and Goods Transportation Solution for the next Millennia!!!

This will transform Canada into the Worlds Leading Maritime Shipping Import/Export and Shipping Conduit Power to Rival and Surpass the US Mississippi System, Panama Canal, and the Suez Canal.

This will empower Canada to develop our Northern Territories laying the foundation for managing the North West Passage Canadian Shipping Toll System over the next 100 years and build a Network of Sized Northern Territory Canadian Cities.

This will empower the Development of a Canadian Ship Building and Specialized Ice Breaker Industries and many other Major Economic Ventures and Massive Canadian Capital Investment.

This will empower Canada to re-structure a segment of our Armoured Forces with Specialized Training for Security, Defense and Rapid Deployment in Canada's Arctic Backyard.

This will empower Canada to Develop and Sustain Massive Scientific, Engineering and Technology Industry Programs for this Arctic Venture.

A Stepped Development Master Plan for the Arctic Maritime Shipping Network of this scale will for Centuries stabilize the Canadian and International Economies against War and Economic Downturns.

The Mississippi System is why the USA is the 1st World Power. It is extremely cost effective to ship via water compared to all other methods. A known and proven fact!

This will empower Canada to continue to produce Carbon Based Energy (Oil and Gas) for export and domestically for Transportation (Vehicles) in conjunction with the New Canadian Pipeline Networks and the Canadian Nuclear Energy Network and a Specialized Arctic Nuclear Plan for Infrastructure Capitalization and Developed Ventures.

This plan will solve the Climate Carbon Issue in Canada and Provide Massive Economic Development, Employment and Profit for Canada and Canadians Over the next Centuries. It is technically Viable!

Just do it! Canada will Lead the World In Innovations!

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