Fortress Canada

A 21st Century Solution Strategy

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A Humanitarian Strategy


Fortress Canada, A 21st Century Solution Strategy

A Peaceful Association in Fortress North America

🇨🇦 (CA-USA) 🇺🇸


The Peaceful Geo-Political-Technological Restructuring of Canada.


With the failure of the past fifty plus years of the Communist Subversion of All of our Western European National Civilizations, the blatant failure of the Communist - Multicultural - Diversity Propaganda Ideology with the Forced Mass Immigration Tactics and Population Replacement Strategies on All of Our Western European Civilizations and Integrated Democratic Nation States Worldwide.


It is time for a paradigm shift in Canada's and the USA's approach to preserving and protecting our Freedoms, Our Civilizations, Our Economies, Our Industries, Our Way of Life and Our Western Civilization Democracies.


Canada will focus on Peaceful Reformation of our Parliamentary System to focus on Quality, Merit, Intelligence, IQ and AI Technologies to Compliment Canada's existing strengths while removing our reliance on large increasing populations and mass immigration based cheap labour and shallow investment(s).


A Philosophy of Merit Based Western Civilization Citizenship and Limited Visa Status Based on Canada's Present Requirement Criteria. Canada and the USA are the two strongest and resilient civilizations which are endowed with extensive resources.


Now is the time to evolve to the next Phase of Human Evolution raising the bar based on Performance, Merit and Freedom.


Fortress Canada and Fortress North America will empower US to protect our way of life in the most Advanced Successful Civilizations that Humanity has ever Evolved.


This will empower Fortress Canada and Fortress North American to help the 2nd and 3rd World Civilizations in their own Nation States to evolve, develop and flourish at their own peaceful pace. This is the only way forward that will have a Peaceful Success.


In fact, this is the most Humanitarian Path Forward for the New Millennia!


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