Manufacturing Projects


Impact Mouldings Inc., General Manager/Manufacturing Engineer

(Toronto, Ontario)

- Responsible for sales, office management and plant operations.

- Responsible for feasibility studies, facility planning, plant layout, project and construction scheduling.

- Implemented production standards and a quality control program. 

- Provide in-house expertise on electrical equipment and management information systems.

Notable Accomplishment:

Project manager for the successful integration of two separate manufacturing plants into a combined common operation and facility.


American Standard Ltd., Project Manager/Manufacturing Engineer

(Toronto, Ontario)

- Responsible for project management, feasibility studies and project cost estimation.

- Responsible for development of capital and major repair appropriations, specification writing and bid preparation, construction scheduling.

- Responsible for equipment design on new and existing equipment and facilities, policy development and implementation, liaison with government agencies such as Ministry of the Environment, City Works, and Building Inspections. Implementation and management of a computerized maintenance management system.

- Provide in-house expertise, training and support on electrical/electronic equipment and management information systems.

Danbel Industries Inc., Manufacturing Division Manager/Manufacturing Engineer

(Toronto, Ontario)

- Responsible for the restructuring and management of a custom lighting manufacturing plant.

- Responsible for facilities planning, plant layout, project estimation and production scheduling, implementation of a purchasing systems, an inventory control system and a quality control program.

- Responsible for manufacturing methods review of prototype products and technical liaison between Noma and a major engineering firm, technical support to project engineers and contractors across North America.

- Management and supervision of a staff of 30.

Notable Accomplishment:

Increased plant production levels from 800 to 2500 feet per day and optimized plant staffing levels from 30 to 20.  Successfully turned-around the operations this manufacturing business unit bringing it from the "Red into the Black"

Impact Mouldings Inc., Plant Manager

(Toronto, Ontario)

- After finishing high school in 1978, I worked for five years starting in the construction industry, plant maintenance and finally as plant manager for a small manufacturing company.

Notable Accomplishment:

Increased plant production levels from 500 to 1500 units per day, restructured plant operations to support production capacity of 3,000 units per day. Optimized plant staffing levels from 16 to 12.

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