Climate Crisis Exposed:

The Engineering Review  2019


Move Forward with Confidence and Security in 2020

Based On Science


The Engineering Review of The Climate Change Crisis and The Canadian Carbon Tax is Concluded


A multi-year engineering review of information is completed.


A concise sampling of pertinent presentations can be accessed at:


The conclusions and recommendations are concise.


There will be no requirement to invest additional time or effort on this matter.




1.) The climate is changing;

2.) The climate historically continuously changes;

3.) There is no threat from man made CO2;

4.) There is no climate change crisis;

5.) Perpetuating claims of a climate change crisis is equivalent to screaming FIRE in a crowded theatre;

6.) The Climate Change Crisis is a Manufactured Hoax;

7.) The Canadian Carbon Tax is a Fraud.



1.) Canada will withdraw from the Paris Agreement;

2.) Canada will withdraw from the UN;

3.) Canada will cease and desist with respect to the Carbon Tax;

4.) Remedies will be sought from government(s), organization(s), researcher(s), media and individual(s) who maliciously perpetrated the Climate Change Crisis Hoax and the Carbon Tax Fraud for damages and injuries.


The Climate Crisis Exposed


The Underwater World Project

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